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Necklace with bronze lunulas


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Reenactment jewelry.
Reproduction of historical silver-glass beads necklace with bronze pendants lunulas.
Gorgeous Slavic jewelry with bronze lunulas from FalconHouseJewelry and silver-glass beads of our production.

The necklace is based on materials from Bilorus teretory, it dates ХI century.

Pendants and beads of this type have been a part of finds Slavic culture.
They are found not only in Belarus, but in Ukraine, Russia, Poland and Lithuania also.

→ Materials:
Handmade lampwork set of eighteen glass beads with silver foil. The set includes three bronze lunulas.
Necklace on a black leather cord.

The height pendant lunula is 2,7×2,0 cm/ 1,1″ x 0.78″
Holes are about 0,3 cm
Length of necklace is 21cm/8.2″
Leather black cord is 75 cm/29.5″

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